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This example refreshes only 2nd level items (second condition), might be easily extended of course. What I did, iterate view Model first, send web service request to get A's children, then send another request to get A1's children. Second, search treeview from root and generate Item Containers while iteration.

In my case Element Item is the base class for every item in Observable List and implements INotify Property. First, search root of tree, get node A (treeview Item), then apply template, get container from Item Container Generator (see detail @ How to refresh treeview when Items Source changes?

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But now the issue is when I iterate the treeview, say, I have an item called A11.

when I iterate the treeview, first I find A, it matches first path of A. A11, so I send a web service request to get A's children.

I have a project, where I bind a checkbox's Is Checked property with a get/set in the codebehind.

However, when the application loads, it doesn't update, for some reason.

My problem is that when I change the Folder Entities property the binding doesn't update.