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I know it’s not just me, but Ryan Reynolds isn’t doing the stoic hero thing right.It’s as if he’s pulling a Ben Affleck with Daredevil, thinking he’s better than the material.

But at the same time, there’s also lots of macabre, dark stuff.

If you get a chance to watch this DVD, there’s an incredible snippet that involves a woman dancing with her husband. It shows people how shallow they really are and how easily amused they can be.

Now it looks like tar or oil, or 10-year-old gum that’s been scraped off the sidewalk.

I suppose it’s a threat because it destroys everything, but mainly because it looks like a skull and bones.

It feels as though it’s based on a black-and-white live action film, an allusion possibly, but it’s still incredibly well done. I could make fun of Twilight all the way to the bank in my humor, but that would mean I’d have to watch those movies or read those books first, ya know, just so I don’t have a jaded opinion about it. Just needed an excuse to post screencaps I did with VLC. I still don’t understand the Cairo joke where they’re all just chilling in the open market and the tourist drinks the amoebas.