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Trata-se de uma estátua armada, portanto uma insígnia estandardizada de poder.

É a espada o único elemento que, objectivamente, nos possibilita uma aproximação à cronologia do monumento. C., a principal invasão celta alterou o quadro geopolítico da nossa região.

For thousands of years, our farming forebearers were obliged to marry to please their extended family, their community and God.

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In a paper cowritten with Adair Morse, formerly of Chicago Booth and now at Berkeley, and Vikram Nanda of Georgia Tech, Seru analyzed more than 1,000 companies from 1993 to 2003, finding that CEOs influenced measures used to assess their performance.

The evidence suggests that powerful CEOs may pressure boards to use gauges that show the CEOs’ performance in the best possible light.

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Some may be kind while others seem cruel, as I risk being raped every night too.

The media tend to focus on these titillating scandals of egregious pay, outlandish profligacy, and failures of corporate governance.