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She’s driving so close you could help her with the eyeliner she’s applying as she crawls up your tailpipe.

Speed Racer: You can spot this driver from a half mile away just from the speed at which the headlights are zooming toward you.

You can just he’s going to zip right up to you before he bobs and weaves between cars with just thismuch room to spare.

Shifty: This no-lane-is-good-enough driver reminds me of an entry in a book that I once had called “How To Drive Like A Crazy Bastard.” The first rule was: Do not signal. Lefty the Lost: I understand if you don’t want to speed to go with the flow of traffic. But for crying out loud, that’s what the right lane is for. Shortstop: If you have ever felt what it is like for your heart to stop for a second, you no doubt have encountered one of these drivers.

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