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;-( I have also many times found members on or other websites where I could see they where in a relationship but single on even when asked.

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I know there are some women on these sites that are genuine and looking for a man, I also know that many are not. First, do not trust any profile that will not video chat with you, most of these are not genuine. I listened carefully to some of the conversations between her and the “interpreter” and although it was not easy, I started to figure out what was going on. I decided to chat with the same girl I chatted with on VK but with a day gap to get my profile updated in their system. A 91 year old man with 3 kids to hook up with a 29 year old ‘model’? At the end of the day it’s just your wallet they’re after. She ‘hinted’ that she needs money to hire a tutor and learn some English. She has her own life in Ukraine and she’s not bothered to come and join you. And then long story comes in about how some man was suppose to come from the UK to meet her and never did and now she can’t trust any men. She than said I was better chatting with her on the site! Her English was good as she was a reporter as she claims. She said she’s going to see her family 3 hours away and spend time with them for the whole weekend and she won’t be able to get on Skype. Connect with a 91 year old man with three grown children to have their own children? Not a question about me being a ‘cheapskate’ or anything. I’ve spoken to one of them and I asked her if she could wave at me or signal a kiss but instead she looked down and typed in some excuse as to why she can’t. So I attached my email address to a picture and sent a attachment to a different girl.

Second, if the girl will video chat with you, see if she will chat off the sight (Skype or something similar) if not… Finally, I was able to talk to her without our “interpreter”. I started getting e Mails in relation to Castro and than I knew my profile was updated. She didn’t recognize me but she said she’s been waiting for someone like me to come into her life. I ignored her and said if she really wants to learn, she can go and download some English material off the Internet and learn them. Next girl: I did the same as above and I got her to get on Skype. And only those men who’re on this site can be serious! I always wonder if she goes to work as she’s always on the site chatting. I logged online today and went to her profile page and I see her as ‘Online’ with video capability. The same girl tells me on Skype that she prefers someone at my age group and never married and no kids. I’ve joined some free dating site already (two days back) and I’m already chatting with 4 of them on Skype and Whats App combined. I told her that my details are on that picture and let me know.

I said to her that I shut down my account on the dating site (not possible anyways) as I’m serious about her and I thought we could continue chatting on VK and finding her already shows how serious I am that I had to go through a lot. I went ahead and removed my profile pictures, updated my name to Castro from Havana, Cuba.

I apologize if my english is not entirely correct but it is not my native language. She said she prefers chatting half n’half on here and on the dating site. Since I used Pay Pal, it was easy to go on Pay Pal and revoke the recurring charges that I didn’t authorize for $9.99 monthly fee.

Went to Odessa on business and arranged to meet her. So now I’m a 91 year old man with three grown children to have their own children.