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In the video, Bindel’s specious argument suggests that “banning” speakers prevents expansion of knowledge and “rational resistance.” The existence of the video, which has millions of views, undermines Bindel’s point that she is being censored and arguing for rational resistance is a very interesting line for Bindel herself to take.

In a 2006 documentary ‘Lefties: Angry Wimmin’, Bindel alludes to the fact that she and many of her revolutionary sisters in the 1970s were involved with groups like Angry Women, who took direct action against sex shops because of their views of pornography.

Who doesn’t love meeting someone and having a great time only to get ghosted?

And what guy or gal doesn’t enjoy matching with someone you know IRL and then not knowing how to act around them? And the good guys and gals over at Tinder have made your little lives easier by bringing you the feature your lazy thumbs always wanted – the ability to know who’s already liked you.

How strange that now they scorn this in students and trans people.