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He pushes me down flat on the bed and lies on top of me, only my hips are raised slightly.

We grind against each other, i squirm underneath him."Put me on top." I say, and in an almost choreographed movement he rolls us onto our sides, raises my outer leg, slips under it, and still inside of me, rolls onto his back throwing me on top.

Then he holds me by the hips and pulls my ass up forcing me into the doggy position.

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He helps to guide my movements by holding firmly onto my ass moving me around. Turning the lights on i look at that wonderful body, that wonderful person who has just made me feel so amazingly good.

I lean down and kiss his neck, then finding each others mouths in the darkness, we urgently kiss.

Hes changing from hard and fast to slow and gentle and then back again.

Each time building up my breathing faster and faster, almost allowing me to cum, then slowing me down again.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...