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3SXo Zgw XBackend/systems developers to work on our core services (we call it Service Engineering): Our web product is at the heart of it.- We are also working with a world-class set of investors and advisors, who youll have the opportunity to meet and interact with on a regular basis.

About You- You are fluent in Javascript our stack is MEAN: Mongo/Express/Angular/Node (and Backbone)- You are passionate about code and elegant solutions, and want to work with others who are similarly so.

We're comfortable with telecommute, however, since we work with HIPPA, you must be in the U.

S.* We help medical researchers (especially those working with autistic children) manage their data.* We both use and produce free and open source software (YAML, HTSQL, and soon Rex DB).* We are a Javascript, Python, Postgre SQL, and Linux consulting and custom development group.* We have a Rex DB Saa S offering that is typically hosted on university networks.* Our clients (and users) have demanding problems; they are appreciative, smart & fun.* Our work is primarily funded through foundations and grants (we'll never be flush with cash).

Tribune Media Services - San Francisco, Chicago, upstate New York, REMOTE (for exceptional candidates)We're looking for engineers who like problem-solving and learning new technology, not just programmers.

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